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Welcome to Czarism.com. On this page you will learn a little bit about Czar, the founder of Project Mayhem. Some friends and I started the project on November 25th 2000 & the very first print of Project Mayhem was published shortly after. Project Mayhem was a ‘newsletter’, with around 300 subscribers. The letter was printed quarterly and distributed by hand to the local area. Gaming was not originally part of Project Mayhem. Issues ranged from under educated school system, religion, journalism, conspiracies, etc...

AMD Catalyst 15.4 Beta Driver Review for GTAV Settings

The latest AMD Catalyst 15.4 Beta driver (support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/latest-catalyst-windows-beta.aspx) seems pretty solid and fixed some issues and crashing I had with GTAV on the past 15.3 beta drivers (notability i was crashing while running the benchmark and at random times while in-game.) Seems like a solid 60fps now with VSR enabled (on a 1080)

A Mortal Kombat X Review

Its mortal kombat. enough said.

Combat feels awesome, the attacks/combos are satisfying, graphics are super, & the game sounds are a pleasure to listen to. I really enjoy the story mode, as the story is surprisingly interesting and it leads into the fight sequences really well. Also the two player 1v1 battle mode (local) is very enjoyable with the ability to switch up fighting modes on the heroes.

After many failed quit attempts, eCigs are helping me quit cigs.

As a Vaper who quit smoking, here is my story. I tried to quit smoking cigarettes multi-times with the help of patches, gums, lozenges, and/or chantix over the course of many years. None of those quit methods seemed to fix me for longer then a few months. Last year I started smoking Blu eCigs and alternating between them and cigs, and finally this year I got a refillable Kanger Evod Ecig starter kit and some flavors (Silverthorn Menthol™ 1.1%) that resemble the menthol cigs I use to smoke (Marlboro menthol lights.) I have been cig free since Jan 1st 2015.

SAMSUNG 850 EVO 120GB Review

Samsung’s unique and innovative 3D V-NAND flash memory architecture is a breakthrough in overcoming the density limitations, performance and endurance of today’s conventional planar NAND architecture. 3D V-NAND is fabricated by stacking 32 cell layers vertically over one another rather than decreasing the cells dimensions and trying to fit itself onto a fixed horizontal space resulting in higher density and better performance utilizing a smaller footprint.

The Samsung 850 EVO is a top pick SSD at a great price. The benchmarks are showing it's just as fast as the 850 Pro (maybe 3% slower) but also about has about 15% reduced cost Vs the Pro. Boots extremely fast, games are loading quickly, and the provided software by Samsung is convenient (Magician.)

Top Kodi Add-ons (All Categories)

Here are some of the good add-ons available for latest version of Kodi.

Music Add-ons: Google Music Dev, Super Favourites.
Picture Add-ons: PicasaWeb
Program Add-ons: Artwork Downloaded, Last Episode, MCERemote, Super Favourites, TvTunes
Subitles: OpenSubtitles.org, Subscene.com
Video Add-ons: BestofYoutube.com, Cartoon HD, EarthCam, Missing Movie Scanner, TED Talks, TwitchTV, Youtube

Project Zomboid couch Co-Op/Split Screen

Project Zomboid is the ultimate in zombie survival. Alone or in MP: you loot, build, craft, fight, farm and fish in a struggle to survive. A hardcore RPG skillset, a vast map, a massively customisable sandbox and a cute tutorial raccoon await the unwary. So how will you die?

Picked up Project Zomboid today, while it was on sale, to play couch Co-Op/Split Screen with SO. Besides some minor set-up aches getting DS4 controller support * 2, it's running and seems good. (I think after un-checking "hide DS4 Controller" it all started working as expected. Press A [or X on DS4] to load in.) Both SO and I are able to play using controllers and it seems fun so far.


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